About Bright Pilots

We’re here to help you and your team tackle your complex challenges, with better strategy, facilitation and visualisation.

What drives us?

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. A lot of those hours will be spent with others, trying to get our best work done.

There’s too much at stake, and too much great work to do, to waste those hours in default thinking, default communication, and default ways of working.

Useless meetings. Slippery stakeholders. Business jargon. Administrivia. Office birthdays (OK, except for the cake. We like cake.)

We believe in the power of facilitation, design and visual thinking to help teams tackle complex challenges, and do their best work together. And we believe the way we can make our best impact is to help others boost their skills in these areas, so that they can boost their impact.

This is what we want to do with our 90,000 hours.

Who are we?

Bright Pilots is a collective of facilitators, solopreneurs, cageshakers and changemakers who train and coach others in the skills we all need to thrive in the modern world of work:

  • Creativity and problem-solving
  • Drawing and visual communication
  • Wrangling ambiguity and complexity
  • Collaboration, team performance and culture

We do this through facilitating, visualising, training and coaching.

Feel free to download and use the same resources we use, for free.

What’s with the “Bright Pilots” name?

Today’s working world is a lot more unpredictable than we’d like it to be. When things are predictable, businesses can focus on efficiency and productivity. But when things aren’t so predictable, that focus doesn’t always work.

Think about what pilots do: they read the weather conditions, help navigate the way, take people through the fog and turbulence of that unpredictability, and get them safely to where they need to be. Every organisation needs people who are great at doing exactly that. And in today’s times, now more than ever.

Are you one of these ‘pilots’?

Are you a team leader, manager, program manager, project manager, or someone who loves enabling your team? We want to help you to have a bigger, brighter impact, beyond the regular flightpath of your job description.

If that’s something that excites you, we should talk.

You’re in good company

Here are just a few of the organisations that Bright Pilots has been privileged to work with:

Client logos of Atlassian, ABC and LIDAClient logos of Commonwealth Bank and ZipClient logos of EY, Target and EbayClient logos of Nine Network and City of SydneyClient logos of icare and OrafolClient logos of University of Sydney and Aurora EnergyClient logos of CSIRO, Brighte and CanvaClient logos of The City of New York University and DrawifyClient logos of Global Sisters and EucalyptusClient logos of NSW Government and My ChildeClient logos of The Benevolent Society and Steelcase

Let’s talk

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