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Kit yourself out to help your team stay healthy, creative and productive, with this growing range of downloadable team tools.

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A picture of the Bright Pilots Reflection Canvas
Reflection Canvas

A fresh visual take on how to get more out of the year with more of/less of actions.

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A picture of the Bright Pilots Road Trip Canvas
Road Trip Canvas

Help your team get a shared clear understanding of where they’re going, how to get there, and what to be aware of along the way.

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A screenshot of the Research Plan Canvas
Research Plan Canvas

Plan your research as a team more effectively, and avoid some common pitfalls with this fast easy research plan canvas.

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A picture of the Future Thank You Speech template
Future Thank You Speech template

Help your team bring their ideas of an envisioned future to life with this fun and insightful template.

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A picture of the problem framing meeting guide printed out
Project Insurance Pack

3 essential guides for getting any project off on the right foot: a Project Kick-off Meeting Guide, Project Pre-mortem Meeting Guide, and a Problem Framing Meeting Guide.

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A hand holding some of the Bright Pilots online meeting cards
Fun meeting cards

Sometimes Emojis don’t quite cut it. Give everyone in your online meetings more opportunities to communicate non-verbally with these fun cards.

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A picture of the GREAT meeting planner template printed out
Meeting planner template

Prepare any meeting or workshop better and faster by using this G.R.E.A.T. planning template.

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A picture of some of the Bright Pilots values cards
Values Cards

A print-yourself pack of over 50 different values, to help as a guide for workshops to do with team values or organisation values.

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A screenshot of the website
Remote-Friendly Icebeakers

A website with over 50 different icebreakers, warmups and energisers to use in your meetings and workshops, whether in-person or online.

A picture of the team Balloon Canvas
Team Balloon Canvas

This is a fun and insightful canavs to use in any meeting to help a team rally around a common purpose and direction.

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You can use and adapt each of these resources in any way you like, in meetings and workshops with your teams. Or, we can facilitate one or more sessions for you, using these resources. That way, you get to experience one or more of these yourself, and build your own capability for facilitation at the same time.

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