Road Trip Canvas

Help your team get a shared clear understanding of where they're going, how to get there, and what to be aware of along the way

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This is a great way for any group to get a clear shared understanding about where they’re going, how to get there, and what to be aware of along the way... all using the fun idea of a road trip!

A picture of the Road trip Canvas, showing a connected set of elements for destination and direction, signs of success, signs of danger, steering wheel and supplies

We need to spend time defining and aligning on strategy and goals, but sometimes this can be a very intellectual and conceptual exercise, without much thought being paid to the team of people who are meant to achieve those goals. This canvas is a great — and fun — way for a team to metaphorically ‘put themselves behind the wheel’ and map out their direction, what to look out for along the way, what ‘supplies’ they need to bring with them, as well as roles and responsibilities.

When to use this canvas

  • As part of a project kick-off, to establish some team understanding about direction, and what the experience should be like along the way.
  • At an offsite, to galvanise a team for a lot of work ahead.
  • To (re)establish team direction, especially if there are new members, or if people in the team haven’t worked together before.

You can discuss and complete the elements of this canvas in 90 minutes, or up to a day, depending on the size of the team, and the complexity and ambiguity of the work involved. Here are the essential elements:

  • The destination - Where are we going, and why?
  • The road - How will we get there? What are the significant milestones along the way?
  • The rear-view mirror - Where have we been? What have we learned before, that will help us on this trip?
  • Signs of success - How will we know we’re on track?
  • Signs of danger - What do we need to look out for?
  • Supplies - What do we need to take with us on this trip?
  • The wheel - Who’s doing what along the way?

This resource contains:

  • 1-page canvas, to either print out, or to copy onto a whiteboard or online collaboration canvas
  • Your choice of either right-hand drive or left-hand drive variants!

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