Fun Meeting Cards

A print-yourself pack of cards to increase non-verbal communication in meetings

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Sometimes the reactions available in videconferencing software don’t quite cut it. Give everyone in your meetings more opportunities to communicate non-verbally with these fun cards.

A picture of the pack of 14 fun meeting cards to use in meetings and workshops

This is a deck of 14 different response cards that you can download, print and cut up yourself, to increase non-verbal communication during any meeting (in-person or online), and inject some extra engagement.

This resource contains:

  • Meeting cards file, to print yourself

Meetings can get dull because we can slip into the same regular habits of communication, which especially in online meetings is usually reduced. Giving everyone a set of these cards to use, gives them opportunities respond to whatever is going on in the discussion, whenever they want, and will add more vitality and productivity.

They are also a great facilitation aid, to move discussions along. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Check for alignment (and any misalignment) by summarising a decision, then asking everyone to hold up the card that represents their position: the thumbs-up, thumbs-side, or thumbs-down card.
  • Does the discussion need a bit of nudge along? Use the We’re drfiting card, or the ELMO (enough let’s move on) card.
  • Keep a natural conversation vibe going by popping up the Thanks card, the Applause card, or the Preach! card.

All artwork is done by Ben Crothers.

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