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Prepare any meeting or workshop better and faster by using this G.R.E.A.T. planning template

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Make any meeting or workshop instantly better by using this GREAT meeting planning template. Fill it out either by yourself or as a team, to think through what will make that meeting a success.

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Whether you’re new to facilitation, or a seasoned veteran, it’s always great having ways to plan and prepare rapidly and accurately. Speaking of great, this template helps you think through all the essentials:

  • Goal - What is the purpose of this meeting or workshop? What outcomes do you want to achieve?
  • Risks - What might get in the way of this meeting or workshop being a success?
  • Elements - Who should be in this meeting or workshop? What questions do you need to answer, to achieve your goal? What is the sequence of activities will you do?
  • Assets - What are the inputs needed for this meeting? What do you want to make during the meeting? What are the outputs people are expecting?
  • Tasks - What has to be done now, to prepare for this meeting or workshop? What can you delegate? Is there any pre-work for attendees?

This resource contains:

  • 1-page GREAT meeting planner template

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