Project Insurance Pack

3 essential guides for getting any project off on the right foot

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Projects can and do go off the rails sometimes. Here are 3 essential meeting guides to make it easier for you to set up any new project for success, and to make things less stressful if something goes wrong.

A picture of 3 meeting guide documents available for download as PDFs

This resource contains:

  • Project kick-off meeting guide
  • Project pre-mortem meeting guide
  • Problem framing meeting guide

Use one, use two, or all three, depending on where you think you and your team need to get clear, shared understanding, for best results.

Each guide shows you how to structure an agenda for each meeting, what you’ll get out of it, and questions to ask along the way. By using these guides, your team will have much more productive discussions, and feel much more confident about the work ahead. Plus, they’ll feel much more satisfied that the time they all invested in your kick-off meetings was time well spent!

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