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Plan your research as a team more effectively, and avoid some common pitfalls with this fast easy research plan canvas

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This research plan helps you and your group be smarter about the right research to carry out, according to your business goals and the time you have.

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Whether you’re new to doing customer research (or even internal research), or a seasoned veteran, often the hardest thing to do is plan what research to do, and why, with a group of people who may never have been involved in research before. We’ve got you! This canvas template includes all the essentials:

  • Research objectives - What do you want to find out, prove, or investigate?
  • Business objectives - Why do you want to do this? What business decisions will the results help with?
  • Ambiguities - What questions do we have? Where are the uncertainties we have to get clarity about? Where is the risk that research could minimise?
  • Subjects - Who and/or what will we involve in our research?
  • Methods - What research methods will we use?
  • Stakeholders - Who will we share the results of the research with? How and when?

The most effective part of this canvas is the RETURN VS. EFFORT PROFILE: plot each method and subject on this 2x2 to help you prioritise where best to invest your research time and effort, for the return of results you expect to get.

This resource contains:

  • 1-page Research Plan Canvas (PDF)

How to use this resource

It’s important set up your research for success with a planning session of some kind. This tends to happen straight after a project kick-off, and before you work on a solution to the problem or need you want to tackle. There are several ways to use this:

  • By yourself - fill in the boxes to sense-check your own thinking
  • On a whiteboard - Using this PDF as a guide, draw up the canvas on a physical whiteboard for your group to fill in with sticky notes
  • In an online collaboration space - Create a set of boxes in your favourite online collaboration space for your group to fill in with sticky notes

Let us run a session for you

Don’t want to run a research planning session yourself? We can run one for you, on its own or as part of a set of sessions.

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