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Help your groups create the own team or organisation values using this deck of over 50 values as a guide

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Do you need to help a group create a set of organisation values, or team values? Use this deck of over 50 values, as a guide to get them started.

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Topics like team culture, psychological safety, and purpose-driven work are becoming more and more popular.

It can be incredibly insightful and galvanising to facilitate a meeting where your group co-creates a set of values, as a way of aligning on what is most important, what behaviour is OK and not OK, and how to connect their work to their organisation’s values. Sometimes it can be hard starting with a blank canvas, so this deck of values can be a great starting point.

Download the PDF of this deck, print them out (there are 7 pages), and cut them up into cards. Here are a few ways you could use them:

  • Start with individual values - Give everyone a deck and ask them to pick the top 5 values that are important to them. Pair up your participants, and ask them to share, compare, and discuss what values they chose.
  • All-in values pick - This works well for groups of 5-7. Arrange all of the cards on a table, and ask your group to work as a team and select the top 10 values that are most important. Then, ask them to narrow that 10 down to 5. This whouls provoke an insightful, fruitful conversation about what is most important to the group and why.
  • Make it your own - Do an activity like the first or second example here, but ask everyone to make the wording their own; how might they express that value in language that resonates more with them?

This resource contains:

  • 1 file containing 7 pages of over 50 values, plus a card with instructions

This set is by no means exhaustive, but it’s based on research of several other similar assets, plus loads of different workshops the author (Ben Crothers) has facilitated, and is designed to fit in with as many different kind of teams as possible. Feel free to add your own values!

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