The European Training Tour is on!

Ben Crothers Ben Crothers • 9 June 2024

I’m doing 5 in-person training classes across 3 cities in Europe this October! Join me!

The Bright Pilots Euro Training Tour 2024! We’re headed to Copenhagen, Berlin and Utrecht!

The Bright Pilots Euro Training Tour 2024! We’re headed to Copenhagen, Berlin and Utrecht!

Are you ready to take your strategic thinking, visual facilitation, and problem-framing skills to the next level? This October, join me for one or more training sessions, as part of an exclusive training tour across Europe. You’ll gain the tools, methods, and confidence needed to excel in high-stakes meetings and help others excel, too.

It’s time to 5X the impact

Last year, I conducted a 2-day training session on visual facilitation in Antwerp, Belgium. The positive feedback and the lasting impact on the participants inspired me so much, so I thought, why not take it to the next level? What would that look like? So, I’m thrilled to bring more training sessions, topics, and hopefully more impact to more people!

Should I get special ‘Euro Training Tour’ t-shirts printed? Probably!

Why attend?

It looks as though our working worlds are going to be complex and ambiguous for a while to come, and 21st skills like strategic thinking and group facilitation skills are needed more than ever. Add visual skills and business drawing skills to that mix, and you can significantly increase your value in any team and organisation.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Visual thinking and storytelling skills: Transform complex business challenges and strategies into clear, compelling visual summaries that will help you communicate more effectively.
  • Strategic thinking skills: Enhance your ability to frame, reframe, and solve complex challenges with innovative visual approaches.
  • Group facilitation skills: Lead high-stakes meetings with confidence, boost group collaboration and thinking, and get famous for running the kind of meetings that people want to attend!

Who should attend?

This training is ideal for you if you run meetings, especially strategy meetings, offsites, design sprints and brainstorming meetings. It’s great for team leaders, designers, researchers, project managers, product managers, and change managers.

If you already have a pretty good level of expertise and are looking to boost your strategic and facilitation skills, this training is perfect for you.

What you’ll gain

  • Confidence in high-stakes meetings: Lead strategy, innovation, and change management discussions with ease.
  • Enhanced strategic thinking: Develop better solutions to complex business challenges.
  • Improved stakeholder inclusion and persuasion skills: Communicate more effectively with stakeholders and managers by showing them your thinking visually, not just trying to ‘sell’ them your solution.
  • Faster progress: Accelerate the formulation and communication of strategies, prioritisation, and decisions.
  • Career advancement: These in-demand skills can pave the way to your next promotion or that next big-ticket client project.

Meet your instructors...

With over 20 years of experience in facilitation and strategic thinking, I’ve worked with a diverse range of organisations, from rapidly-scaling startups to finance organizations, government departments, and non-profits. My unique training approach allows participants to work on their own projects during the training sessions themselves, and get hold of my own unique visual templates, not seen anywhere else (except in teams that I’ve worked with!). This ensures that the skills you learn are immediately transferrable to your own work and your own teams.

I’m also teaming up with some local legends who are at the top of their game, both in their client work and in their training chops:

  • Christina Hemmingsen - Certified High Performance Coach, highly accomplished Project Manager, Instructional Designer and Visual Facilitator
  • Jeroen Blijsie - In-demand trainer, visual facilitator, author of The World of Visual Facilitation and founder of The Visual Connection
  • Olina Glindevi - Highly regarded Agile Coach and Team Trainer, Director of The Visual Agile Coach

Training schedule

Here are the dates and locations for each session:

Interactive much?

Every session is packed with hands-on activities, rich discussions, and lots of drawing, just like all my training sessions! Plus, you’ll receive a top-notch drawing kit to use during and after the training.

Over the years, I’ve continuously refined the content and delivery to ensure you’re getting the best of my 20 years of experience, distilled into these impactful sessions.

How to register

Spaces are limited to 20 people per session, so don’t miss your chance to join these transformative sessions. You can register now by going to any of the separate pages linked above, and take the first step towards furthering your skills that will drive your career forward!

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