Unlock greatness by learning as a team, and build your capabilities that are crucial for work now, and for what’s next.

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The world of work is being transformed. Bright Pilots’ training helps you and your team get out in front.

As the saying goes, the thinking that got us to here won’t get us to there. The ‘there’ tends to be full of ambiguity and complexity. Our training focuses on the skills necessary to tackle these modern challenges: group facilitation, critical thinking, problem solving, systems thinking, and visualisation.

Impact-driven learning

Learning team skills takes more than a couple of hours together in a room or Zoom, and hoping for the best. Here’s how our training is different:

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Different formats on offer

Our main format is 3-hour in-person or online sessions, but we can flex to meet the learning outcomes you’re after, your training attendees’ locations, and your organisation environment and culture:

  • In-person, online or hybrid
  • Change up the time - from 3 hours (our standard model), to other timeframes to suit your schedules and performance outcomes
  • Half-day or full-day sessions, to allow for more content, small group interactions, and application
  • 1-hour light learning, for fun and team bonding; ideal for a lunch-n-learn or Friday afternoon
  • Integrated with your offsite, to help your team reflect, collaborate, and build their skills in a more strategic way
  • Online on-demand training modules are also available, to plug into your existing LMS, or as part of a multi-modal learning approach

We’ve boosted capacity in loads of teams...

Here are some organisations that Bright Pilots has been privileged to run training sessions and masterclasses for:

Client logos of EY, Target and EbayClient logos of Commonwealth Bank and ZipClient logos of Atlassian, ABC and LIDAClient logos of iCare and OrofolClient logos of Nine Network and Aurora EnergyClient logos of Canva, City University of New York and CSIROClient logos of The Benevolent Society and Telstra

Book a call

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What you can expect

  • We tailor to you. We match our content to the professional development tracks and performance outcomes you’re after
  • No Zoom gloom. Years of experience in online education keeps all our classes well-paced and engaging
  • We aim for impact. Every class includes time for everyone to apply each topic, and capture what they’re going to do next, to improve their work
  • Battle-tested templates. No filler here; every class has tools and templates for your teams to use straight away
  • Discounts for non-profits are also available

Other services

Dive into the other services we offer, either as part of our training services, or separately.


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We run workshops for better discovery, strategy, scoping, and innovation, whether it’s in the room, Zoom, or anything in between.

Find out more


Icon of cloudiness turning into clarity
We turn complexity into clarity, and increase your audience’s engagement with illustrations, strategy maps and diagrams, live scribing, and other visual communications.

Find out more


Icon of a group of people and a collective smile
We help your team work better together by using our very own innovation performance coaching program as a way for them to solve a current challenge, and pitch the solution to their leadership.

Find out more

Ben did an awesome job as a trainer. Clear, articulate, responsive to all questions.

Product Manager

This was an amazing course. As a PM, the importance of problem framing is not a foreign concept to me, and I still feel like I learned a lot from this training. What was really great is that I was able to workshop an actual problem I'm currently working on in the class, and I came away with some awesome new insights on that problem

Product Manager, Atlassian

Ben made it happen in a very personalized way. He harvested the problems and situations from our experiences and rolled out the course using that. This course was so far the most productive one I've attended in Atlassian

Program Manager, Atlassian

I wanted to send a big thank you for your brilliant problem framing exercises! I used them as part of a kickoff workshop with a new client and it worked a treat! It was amazing to see them look at their problem in new ways!

Sayoa Jodar, UX Researcher

After our training, I sent a meeting request to 4 Directors about an issue I have been banging on about for a couple of years now. I structured my correspondence like you said, i.e. highlighted the risk, and I have already, this evening, had responses including the following “Thanks Shirralee, your explanation of this opportunity is very helpful, and it sounds very important from a client safeguarding perspective.”... So thank you!

Principal Practitioner, The Benevolent Society

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