We turn complexity into clarity with illustrations, strategy maps and diagrams, live scribing, and other visual communications.

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Less clutter,
More clarity!

You know how everybody wants to be ‘on the same page’? We draw that page.

Real progress can be held back by the weight of too many slide presentations, emails, Slack messages, and reports. We help you turn clutter into clarity by distilling it and bringing it to life visually, with illustrations, visual facilitation and live scribing. This means you can tell your story better, and connect with your audiences and stakeholders better.

Diagrams, maps and illustrations

People need to see the change to be the change. If you’re in the business of strategic communication or change management, you know how important it is for everybody to connect their heads, hearts and hands to your message.

We work with you to get to the essence of your story, and then illustrate it in various ways, for various audiences and media. Here are some ways our visualisations can help:

  • Strategic visions and plans
  • Illustrating complex systems or concepts
  • Visualising research insights and user experiences
  • Change communications and other corporate communications
  • Books and other publication illustrations

Some examples of our illustration work

Blueprint 2022, Stanford University

Illustration of one of the buildings at University of Sydney

Strategy paper illustrations, Sydney Policy Lab

Storyboard of a somebody using a virtual reality app on their phone

User experience storyboard, National Parks and Wildlife Service

Diagram showing how design-led work leads to lots of benefits

Strategic diagrams, Australian Design Council

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Graphic facilitation

Talkfests are so last century. It’s time to get everybody in your meetings using their hands as well as their mouths, and capturing and mapping their ideas. This increases engagement, helps everybody ‘connect the dots’ better, have better ideas, and make decisions faster.

Do you already use sticky notes and business model canvases? There is so much more! We can show you how to make all your meetings more visual:

Product and service design

Agile ceremonies and management

Change strategy and management

Team dynamics and alignment

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Download and try our visual tools for free

Visual tools work best when shared and adapted. Check out a few that we use all the time:

A picture of the Project Insurance Pack collection printed out
Project Insurance Pack

3 guides for getting any project off on the right foot: a Project Kick-off Meeting Guide, Project Pre-mortem Meeting Guide, and a Problem Framing Meeting Guide.

A picture of the GREAT meeting planner template printed out
Meeting planner template

Prepare any meeting or workshop better and faster by using this G.R.E.A.T. planning template.

A picture of the Team Balloon Canvas template printed out
Team Balloon Canvas

This is a fun and insightful canvas to use in any meeting to help a team rally around a common purpose and direction.

A picture of the Team Balloon Canvas template printed out
Road Trip Canvas

This canvas puts your team metaphorically ‘in the driver’s seat’, and gives them a fresh perspective on their direction and strategy together.

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We’ve brought a lot of people’s ideas to life...

Here are some organisations that Bright Pilots has been privileged to create graphic recordings and illustrations for:

Client logos of Atlasian and The Unversity of SydneyClient logos of Brighte and DrawifyClient logos of Global Sisters and My ChildeClient logos of Australian Design Council and SteelcaseClient logos of One Door Mental Health, Stanford University and St Andrews Cathedral CollegeClient logos of University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Asset Management Council

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Live graphic recording

Make your event or significant meeting one to remember! Captivate your colleagues or audiences with some live scribing. Seeing a talk or group conversation graphically recorded as it unfolds is highly engaging, and helps people connect with the content in more meaningful ways.

  • Scribing is provided in-person or online
  • Illustrations can match your branding
  • Available in a range of styles
  • The illustrations (paper or digital) are yours to keep, with exclusive licensing
  • Illustrations can be repurposed for social media and publication
  • Find out more

Some examples of our graphic recording work

An illustration of a panel discussion about consent

Panel discussion about consent, University of Technology, Sydney

An illustration about architects and their response to the pandemic

Architect panel discussion, Steelcase

An illustration about a learning framework

Learning frameworks, St Andrews Cathedral School

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Other services

Dive into the other services we offer, either as part of our visualisation services, or separately.


Icon of a path through choices
We run workshops for better discovery, strategy, scoping, and innovation, whether it’s in the room, Zoom, or anything in between.

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Icon of a group of people and a collective smile
We help your team work better together by using our very own innovation performance coaching program as a way for them to solve a current challenge, and pitch the solution to their leadership.

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Icon of a strong arm
We build your organisation’s capabilities in ‘21st Century’ skills that are crucial for work now, and for what’s next, including strategy, facilitation, and visualisation.

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Thanks so much for all of your great work on this! The illustrations are just incredibly wonderful and so spot on. Thank you! It’s really bringing it all to life.

Community Partnerships and Training Lead, Sydney Policy Lab, University of Sydney

Wow I love the report!! I especially love what you captured in the current challenge, how we are going to get there, and those beautiful images at the end about how we can shift in our approach and our thinking – that is SO amazing. I feel that you’ve captured something really powerful there.

Head of People and Talent, Compassion Australia

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