Whether it’s in the room, Zoom, or anything in between, we run a wide range of workshops for better discovery, strategy, team cohesion, and innovation.

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Less ho-hum,
More a-HA!

Your team’s time is too precious to waste in more mundane meetings that go nowhere.

When you have complex challenges to tackle, the best thing can be to have a skilled facilitator from outside of the team, to guide the conversation and help get everyone to the outcomes you need.

We use and adapt a wide variety of workshop tools, frameworks and creative methods – including Design Sprints, Gamestorming, Liberating Structures, TRIZ, World Café, and more – to keep everyone engaged, productive, and to be a genuine part of the results created.

What’s your challenge?

You need to...

We can help with...

Formulate or revise your strategy (organisation, brand, product, service, team) Strategic offsite / Strategy check-in session / Values workshop / Brand exploration workshop
Solve an internal business/ process/ change issue Design sprint / Design spike
Scope and shape up a tricky new project Problem framing session / Discovery session
Generate better ideas and solutions Discovery session / Idea generation workshop
Synthesise better results and insights from our research Problem framing session / Opportunity framing session
Get everyone involved in a fun creative activity Hackathon / Hack hour / Shark Tank pitch session
Help your team get aligned Team health monitor session / Values workshop

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We’ve been in a lot of meeting rooms and boardrooms...

Here are some organisations that Bright Pilots has been privileged to facilitate for:

Client logos of City of Sydney and ZipClient logos of Atlassian, Aurora Energy, and the NSW GovernmentClient logos of Drawify and EucalyptusClient logos of the City of Newcastle and My ChildeClient logos of Compassion Australia and InnowellClient logos of Norwest Christian College and InvestibleClient logos of Shoreline and University of WollongongClient logos of Work for Climate and HopePoint Christian School

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What you can expect

What works well for one organisation probably won’t work well for another. We pride ourselves in attuning our approach to your context and culture, and adapting the best workshop methods available to suit your outcomes. Rely on us to:

  • Co-design the agenda with you
  • Set your team and stakeholders up for success beforehand
  • Establish a fun, safe, equitable culture
  • Release more of people’s potential for creativity, critical thinking, empathy and listening
  • Improvise and adapt when needed
  • Capture and synthesise the outputs of our time together

Other services

Dive into the other services we offer, either as part of our facilitation and strategy service, or separately.


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We turn complexity into clarity, and increase your audience’s engagement with illustrations, strategy maps and diagrams, live scribing, and other visual communications.

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We help your team work better together by using our very own innovation performance coaching program as a way for them to solve a current challenge, and pitch the solution to their leadership.

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We build your organisation’s capabilities in ‘21st Century’ skills that are crucial for work now, and for what’s next, including strategy, facilitation, and visualisation.

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Ben had fabulous discernment in making sure everyone’s voice was heard. He wasn’t afraid to notice someone stewing on an idea and asking the right questions to help solidify. Really well done!.

Rachel Patricks, Compassion Australia

Working with Ben Crothers was an absolute joy from start to finish. As part of his work with us, Ben ran a brand exploration session for us, really encouraging the team to think hard about who we wanted this new brand to be, what its values are and how we want to make people feel as well as think when they engage with us. I highly recommend him.

Director, WorkForClimate

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