Learn as a team, how to think strategically, tackle complex challenges, and hack the organisation around you, together.

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Less muddle,
More momentum

Our innovation coaching program is a dojo-style set of sessions you do as a team over 6 weeks, to solve a current business challenge more effectively.

This coaching program is perfect for those who want to boost their skills in strategic thinking, collaborating, solving complex problems in more creative ways, and stakeholder management, BUT who can’t take time out of their regular work to ‘do training’.

So much win on so many levels

This program combines the best of new ways of working (including Agile, Lean and Kaizen, Design Thinking, and Systems Thinking), and iterated coaching methods over time, to give you and your team a time-efficient offering that ticks all the right boxes:

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Individual skills

Everyone learns by doing, according to their professional development plans

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New solutions

Genuine business problem goes in, new ideas and approaches come out

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Team skills

The whole team learns how to collaborate and communicate better together

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Strong stories

Insights and wins to share with the rest of the organisation, for greater traction

Here’s how it works

Week 01
  • Project kick-off
  • Team formation
  • Introduction to the innovation flow
Week 02
  • Project scoping
  • Research kick-off
  • Research activities
Week 03
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Research activities
  • Gaining inspiration
Week 04
  • Research synthesis
  • Project reshaping
  • Problem (re)framing and opportunity framing
Week 05
  • Idea generation
  • Concept prioritising and refining
  • Prototyping activities
Week 06
  • Concept testing
  • Business case writing
  • Pitching and demo activities

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Teams that benefit

Breakthrough solutions come from looking at familiar problems in new ways. No matter what type of team you’re in, this coaching program’s battle-tested business innovation formula can flex to suit your challenge. By (re)framing and solving a problem together, every team also learns more about themselves, both individually and collectively.

Here are the types of teams that get the most out of this program:

Product and service design teams

Agile development teams

Program managers and PMOs

Senior leadership teams

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You’re in good company

Here are just a few of the organisations that Bright Pilots has been privileged to work with:

Client logos of Atlassian, ABC and LIDAClient logos of Commonwealth Bank and ZipClient logos of EY, Target and EbayClient logos of Nine Network and City of SydneyClient logos of icare and Orafol

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Other services

Dive into the other services we offer, either as part of this coaching program, or separately.


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We run workshops for better discovery, strategy, scoping, and innovation, whether it’s in the room, Zoom, or anything in between.

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We turn complexity into clarity, and increase your audience’s engagement with illustrations, strategy maps and diagrams, live scribing, and other visual communications.

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We build your organisation’s capabilities in ‘21st Century’ skills that are crucial for work now, and for what’s next, including strategy, facilitation, and visualisation.

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This coaching showed us the value of committing to rough and ready. We nearly delayed our test, but we said “Let’s just go in a bit raw”. It was actually more successful without tightly scripting it.

Senior Leader

We learned lots of different ways to get a more positive impact. We’re all ‘blues’ in communication style, and when it came to doing a video, I almost died inside! But doing the video together was great to stretch ourselves.

Senior Leader, Utility company

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