Best-voted ideas to keep your hybrid meetings from not sucking so much

24 October 2022

Here’s a shortcut list of the top ideas to help your team get ‘Hybrid-Happy’ together, thanks to all of our Excursion workshop attendees.

Try this fun team activity: the Cheesy Check-in

18 October 2022

Some icebreakers are cheesy, but this one is so bad it’s good! Try the Cheesy Check-in game to boost your team’s camaraderie, and have a laugh along the way.

5 thinking traps to avoid at work

11 October 2022

Sometimes we find that certain truisms we think and say at work just aren't...well... so true anymore. Here are five we should consign to the bin of Outdated Thinking.

A free hack to make every hybrid meeting better

14 September 2022

End that 'trapped-in-a-box' effect for people joining in-person meetings via videoconference with this easy but effective trick

Tricky topic at work? Make it better by making it worse

22 June 2022

Who knew that making something WORSE could actually make something better? Give this creative activity a go in your next brainstorming meeting.

Crowdsourced meetings are better meetings

14 June 2022

One of the best ways to improve meetings is by not running them alone. Here are 17 ways you can involve others, AND improve engagement along the way.

Map your Team's Future with The Road Trip Canvas

7 June 2022

If you use visual frameworks when you facilitate meetings and workshops, you might like to try this fresh take on a regular metaphor: The Road Trip Canvas!

For a perfect team boost, try the Nicolas Cage Gauge

3 June 2022

Doing a team check-in is a great way to boost camaraderie and trust, and Nicolas Cage himself has given us a fun way to do just that!

How to keep your team engaged in meetings

31 May 2022

Here are 16 tips to help you ward off any kind of disengagement in your meetings, and replace that with more commitment, connection, concentration and comfort.

What is a mastermind group (and how to start one)

25 May 2022

Genuine career boosts don't come along very often, but here's why joining a mastermind group has ticked all the boxes for me.

Get your team hybrid-happy with this fun workshop

16 May 2022

How do you work out how best to 'do hybrid'? Together, as a team. This workshop will skill you up to run your own conversation with your team, to get hybrid-happy.

Use verbal experiments to help make group decisions

10 May 2022

Is your team stuck trying to make decisions in meetings? That costs time and money, and increases stress and grey hairs. Get on top of decision-making by using verbal experiments.

The 6 types of meetings, based on types of modern work

25 March 2022

Organising a meeting? Wait! Before you send that calendar invitation, make sure you know what type of meeting it needs to be. Doing meetings by design, not by default, gets much better results.

Your career isn't a ladder, it's a jungle gym

16 March 2022

What's your next career step? Think about the mix of skills you want to grow in, not the next job description to apply for.

How to facilitate experts when you're not an expert

9 March 2022

Keeping meetings on track can be tough at the best of times, let alone when you don't understand the subject matter. Here are some tips to help.

3 words to bring more psychological safety to any meeting

23 February 2022

Despite our best intentions, we (and our team mates) can fall short of desired behaviours at work. But there's a better way than bubble-wrapping everyone.

Stream Deck icons for facilitators

14 February 2022

If you run online meetings <em>and</em> you have an Elgato Stream Deck, good news! Here are some icon sets for common apps used for facilitation.

3 traps to avoid when using sticky notes in workshops

3 February 2022

Before you start your next meeting or workshop with sticky notes, check that you’re not falling into these traps first.

3 ways to fix that awkward first 5 minutes of online meetings

17 January 2022

Talking about nothing might make for a great Samuel Beckett play, but it's not a great way to start a meeting while waiting for others to join. Here are some ideas for handling that time better!

Boost your performance with in-demand skills in 2022 for less

10 January 2022

Right now is the perfect time to be think about - and book - the sort of skills training that you'll thank yourself for by the end of this year.

Is your team an all-star team? Or just a team of all-stars?

28 October 2021

Play as a team and you can beat a 'team' of all-stars. Here's a simple activity to build an all-star team.

7 unexpected things I've learned facilitating meetings

14 October 2021

What advice would you tell your Earlier Self about running meetings better? After about 20 years of running meetings of all kinds, here's what I'd say.

Help your team make decisions with the CAPPED Decision Framework

7 October 2021

You finished that Big Meeting! You all made that Big Decision! Or did you? Don’t give up, group decisions in meetings *are* possible. Use this CAPPED decision framework to help your team actually make those decisions.

Boom! Deal with those meeting disruptors before they go off

15 September 2021

Sometimes meetings are like that game Jenga, where everybody takes turns to solve a big puzzle, with cool heads and steady hands. The last thing you need is disruptive behaviour that puts everybody off. Here are some ideas on how to deal with that.

More choice now available for class times

1 September 2021

If you've been wanting to come to our 'Better meetings' online classes, but our class times haven't matched your schedule, then we have good news for you.

Project Insurance Pack - 3 essential meeting guides

27 August 2021

Projects can and do go off the rails sometimes. Here are 3 essential meeting guides to make it easier for you to set up any new project for success, and to make things less stressful if something goes wrong.

Bored with meetings? Have an Unmeeting instead

8 July 2021

By applying some patterns from the popular 'unconference' format, we can all turn a regular work meeting into something much better, where we can learn from each other, and do our best work together.

Calendar software companies: for all our sakes, please make this one change

31 May 2021

We could do away with so much office stress by making just one simple change to calendar software. I know this’ll never happen, but hey, I guy can dream...

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